Helicoid vertical axis wind turbine

Dear customers, we are glad to inform you that the manufacturing of rotors for helicoid wind turbines has launched. Rotor blades made of composite materials and has the aerodynamic profile. Rotor dimensions: diameter - 1800 mm, height - 3000 mm. The main dignities of the design unlike classical wind turbines is: - Low noise level. The result is that it can be installed near residential houses. - It does not require the orientation to wind direction. VAWT not require an unreliable brush ...

New springs – RF and RG

Dear clients, we are glad to inform you that new streamlined springs are available now. Thanks to the efforts of our engineers lighter and stronger composite springs has been made - RF and RG. Spring RF now available in two variants - with the center connection part or two separate consoles. Center connection part is for the connecting two spring consoles, horizontal and vertical tubes of aircraft trikes, gyrocopters, etc. The part is made of composite material by the winding technology....