T-2400 X 2000

T-2400 X 2000

Key features:
Propeller has left rotation. Diameter – 2400 mm.
For using on airboat, cooling unit, wind tunnel etc.
Available with plastic or metal hub Foe engines with power 300 – 700 hp, depending on reducer applied.
Max RPM – 1800.
Optimal RPM – 1500.
Weight – depending number of blades and hub configuration.
Difference in blades’ weight – at most 5 g. (during exploitation).
Blades’ set-on accuracy +- 0,5 degree

steel protection

The front edge of the blade is protected from damage by stainless steel cover

Hole for condensate

At the end of the blade has a hole for the condensate

Assigned propeller resource – 800 hours.* The manufacturer’s warranty from the moment of selling – 12 months.* *Specified resource, is valid only in case of customer’s observance of the rules and conditions of storage, transportation and exploitation.. Manufacturer is not responsible for the exploitation of the AP after the lapse of one of the terms aforementioned, for failing to comply with rules of transportation and storage. In case of flaw detection, arising through manufacturer’s fault during warranty period and making the AP’s further exploitation impossible, manufacturer repairs or replaces the AP at its own expense. Manufacturer stores the data of all the APs and their blades ever produced by it. In case of need manufacturer makes an analogue of damaged blade for replacement during ten-day term, according to its serial number, which a customer reports.